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َAloo gharch is a leader in providing integrated services and a reference for educational services, consulting and purchasing mushroom industry equipment.

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aloo gharch is a reference for educational services, consulting and purchasing equipment for the mushroom industry

Aloo Gharch

Aloo Gharch is a unique organization composed of agricultural engineers, specializing in mushroom cultivation in Iran, according to precise engineering calculations in relation to the establishment and consultancy of your production unit, it will proceed to contract with you, and in order to ensure ideal performance and with the aim of supporting and guaranteeing services, it will accompany you for a production period.
competitive pricing
Our products and services are competitively priced with the aim of promoting and encouraging organic and healthy products based on their quality, and we assure you that we offer the best price in relation to quality.
customized products
Our products and services are designed for all segments of the mushroom community, including specialists, experts, or newcomers. You can place an order for products or services according to your needs, capital, and facilities.
expertise and knowledge
What is based on science, expertise, and knowledge will be safe from harm and damage. Our team consists of experienced agricultural experts, geneticists, and plant breeders who are constantly researching, studying, and evaluating the possibility of developing and promoting innovative production methods in the country.
trust building
Our heartfelt belief is that credibility is more valuable than money, because credibility comes from a lifetime of effort and hard work, and it doesn't come overnight. Your success brings this credibility to us.
Do you have any question?If you have any questions about setting up mushroom units, you can contact us.
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Aloo Gharch for all small units; Medium and large are suitable.

For a free consultation and to choose the right plan for your unit, use the free consultation of Aloo Gharch.

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